I purchased a brand new Nikon D40 SLR camera for taking pictures of Japan, of which there will be many, that much I can promise you.
I also purchased a new MacBook Pro 15” (2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, etc…) which will be my desktop while I’m away, on which I am now composing this.

So I’m busy today doing various things.  I leave for Japan in less than two weeks.fourteen days from NOW, I will be in Japan, sleeping, or doing something other than sleep.  I too lazy right now to calculate the time difference.  In any case, I will likely want to be sleeping, therefore I make my general statement.

Having my computer set up is great, but I have much work on that front left to complete.  For instance, I’m encoding small versions (small being a relative term here) of my favorite movies so that I can watch something in English every once in a while.  Naturally, the first movies I picked were a French film, and a few anime, which I will not be watching in English ever (if I can help it).

I’m also cleaning my room which, while every bit as slow as expected, is actually not a difficult or distracting as I anticipated before.  Usually, I look at things, and start to reminisce about life in elementary school, middle school, preschool, whenever…  But lately I’m getting pretty good at saying, “Well, I don’t need it, and it probably wouldn’t be too interesting for my posterity to view, so it gets thrown away.  It goeth straightway to the dump!”

With regard to the fact that I’m leaving so soon, I’m not sure how I feel.  When I think about being in Japan soon, I get very excited and happy.  When I think about not being home for that long, I get sad and lonely.  It will, of course, be a huge challenge to get into things; culture shock and all that taken into account.  I just have to remind myself to look forward, and of course that it’s really only a year, and really, I’ll not actually be that far out of contact with anyone.  I’ll have internet access almost every day at school, and if the family I stay with allows it, I’ll never be away from the internets, so it’s not likely to be too bad.

Part of the nervous comes from the idea that this is it.  This is the true test.  Will I learn the language like I think I will?  Do I even remember as much as I think I should?  Have I properly prepared myself for adapting to life in Japan?  Have I learned everything I can so that I make the least idiot of myself as possible?  I won’t know (can’t know) until I show up the 12th of September.  Even then I may only get an idea of what my state will actually end up being.  More likely I’ll know a month or two in how well I prepared myself by now.  We’ll see.

As some final plans, I hope to visit Hooters this weekend with some friends of mine and maybe my Dad, as that’s probably one of my favorite American restaurants, and I want to get some pictures of it to show the Japanese people I meet! ^_^  And then I need to figure out how to explain why “Hooters” is such a funny name for a restaurant.  Should be exciting.  Then My family is going up to…  I think Mt. Evans (?) next Monday, Labor Day, to take pictures of me standing next to the 14,000 foot elevation sign, because let’s face it, that’s really high for Japanese people!  Plus I need to REALLY break in my new camera, and I figure some nature shots would be a great idea.  That, and it gets me pictures of my family, which I can then hopefully develop and stick in frames as a gift for families with which I stay.  *Note to self: Need to buy Rice-A-Roni for gifts as well…

Lastly, we’re having a family dinner at Red Robin the Monday before I leave, my immediate family and my grandparents from here will be in attendance.  It’ll be fun, and I look forward to it.

Man, this is really goin’ down, huh?  I swear, these things would be so much easier were we able to just decide, and then leave the next day or so.  None of this, “Oh, you’ve got time to THINK about it,” crap.  To you, Mr. Second-Guess, I say, “Pshaww!”


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