Riding the Aero-Plane

I left home less than 24 hours ago, yet I somehow find myself in tomorrow…?!? Missed getting a photo of the international dateline… I’m sorry. I’ll try to get it on the way back!

So here I sit, in the dark, about 2 hours from Tokyo, when sudenly they turn the lights back ON on me… >.>  I guess it’s time to wake up.  I did a fairly decent job of sleeping until about 8:30 AM Tokyo time, and I’ve been keeping myself busy with my DS, because nothing beats farming at 35,000 feet!

Looking out, I see an awful lot of clouds; very wispy kinds, but also very very thick.  There’s no ocean in sight, though I know it’s down there somewhere.  Earlier I was surprised to look out north (I think it was north at the time) and see what looked like mountains in the distance and ocean directly below us.  They took us along a large portion of Canada (following the curvature of the earth from Detroit will do that to ya’ I guess…), so I thought maybe I was seeing the Aleutian Islands, but seeing the map now it appears that it was more likely the eastern edge of Russia, which I’ve just recalled is grail-shap… er, mountainous!

Anyway, it’s not been nearly as bad this time around as a similar flight was last time.  Perhaps age has given me patience, but I tend to think that more likely planning and knowledge of how long the trip would ACTUALLY be helped more than anything.  (Quick note: I just looked up at the screen, and apparently it’s about 54˚C below zero outside the aircraft.  Also, according to the map, we’re a little ways east of the eastern poker-part of Honshu, the big northern island of the three main islands that make up Japan.  Still can’t see anything, though.)

Anyone willing to comment on why you get turbulence when there’s nothing outside the window and it looks like you’re above all of the weather already would be appreciated.  I’ve become curious.

Anyway, I know everyone’s probably asleep at home by now, and I have this feeling they’re going to serve “breakfast” to us soon.  I place the word in quotes because I find it terribly unlikely that the meal will, in fact, be breakfast for anyone.  It’s almost 2:00 AM where we left, and it’s almost 3 PM where we’re arriving.  So I decree it must be either a midnight snack or a late lunch.  Each person may choose as they see fit; I’ll allow that freedom.


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