Home Sweet Home…

Its’ very different, but not too bad. ^_^ This is a view off the pack porch, next to my room. Note the ocean of large buildings…

Well, here I am, home sweet home.  I have a 6×10 room in a manshon in Nishikawaguchi, one of the suburbs of Tokyo.  It’s about an hour away from my school in the center of Japan.  I have a small-ish dresser, but I can fit all the clothes I brought.  Thankfully I packed lighter than, say, my whole wardrobe.  I left some darn good shirts at home, but it was okay.

I’ve found myself very tired, thanks to the hot, humid weather and the fact that, oh, I don’t know, I just came from halfway around the world, and my days and nights are still somewhat mixed up… ^_^  We had some ice cream around five, which helped me to wake up a little bit.  It was pretty cool, actually, see, they took shaved ice, sprinkled sugar water (or some other creamy sweetener substance) over it, and took some ice cream and placed a few scoops over top of it.  It didn’t really dilute the ice cream too much, but it made it much lighter to eat, and thus to me more satisfying.  (I like light foods… so Japan is really kind of the place for me!)  Only, I wonder if it was the Japanese who invented it?  Did they do it to make the ice cream go farther?  Or perhaps to make it lighter, since their tastes gravitate towards lighter foods anyway…?  The world may never know.

What I DO know is that this area is VASTLY different from America.  Those who went to Taiwan with me will understand kind of how it is, because it’s very narrow streets, no sidewalks, and rather tall buildings all very close together.  It’s actually rather intimidating to be in.  You look around and see either walls, or if you’re higher, an ocean of buildings.  It’s very flat, and a little unnerving for me, coming from Denver, with large hills, wide streets, and large open spaces readily available.

I was thinking earlier, “How is culture shock going to set in when everything is so cool?”  And the answer has manifest itself…  I’m used to seeing lots of wide-open space, and the closeness of Tokyo is going to be a challenge for me.  But at least I can see it coming. ^_^  Also, talking to people in Japanese, though you may think the opposite, kind of helps.  The worst times are the awkward moments where I’m not sure what to do due to a mixture of not knowing what is available to do and also not knowing what is correct to do…  Again, all things will come in time.

I’ll have pictures up in an album soon, if not already.  But be prepared to be shocked!  It’s VERY different! >.<


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