The Less Adventurous Visit; and Other Stories…

Akihabara is the Mecca of pop-culture Japan. That is, all the anime, game, comic, and pron freaks come here, as well as a bunch of people into computers, music, maid cafes and old game systems. It’s a bit like Portabello Road, assuming the Disney movie can be believed (which it probably can’t)…

Okay, so here’s Akihabara.  You may already know about it, if not because you’ve been there, then because I’ve already mentioned it…  And it’s not all the cesspool of scum and villainy that I kind of made it out to be.  Now knowing what kinds of places were okay to visit, I gave it another try recently after a sponsored trip to see what geisha are all about.  (More on that later.)  I had my camera already, and so went to seek photographic evidence.

There’s a lot of nifty things in Akiba.  (They call it that, as some kind of shortening of “Akihabara”…  Maybe if I could read the kanji the shortening would make more sense to me.)  For instance, I found a store which had a half dozen old Super Famicom units (the SNES as it was in Japan!) along with in-box (though likely not NEW in-box, but they had the boxes) copies of most every game you could think of (in Japanese) for the system.

Man!  I love parenthetical statements!  I’ll try to hold off more on those, sorry… ^_^

So I grabbed some fun photos, the best commentary of which is attached to each photo.  Apple, despite making absurdly easy and powerful software, has not succeeded in the area of iWeb as well as it has in other areas.  This makes adding images (drag-n-drop style) very hard in this program, at least if I want text to flow around them.  So go read the comments I made on the photos.  I’ve actually turned comments on for the individual galleries, so feel free to send your reactions there if you feel so inclined.

Also, I have, due to a desire to have a more private, personal blog for my more private, personal friends and family, and other reasons (the geisha trip, for instance, limits me by not allowing public display of any pictures I took), I have made a second journal site (here) that is username and password protected.  The username is my full, first given name (no capitals); and the password is the name of the city in which I lived with my family just before coming to Japan (also no capitals).  So have a ball if you know how to get in.  And if you don’t, then you obviously don’t know me well enough to probably be interested in the emo-crap I may end up posting there at some point, so consider yourself blessed, if in fact you believe in blessings from deities.  Otherwise, maybe “lucky” would be a better term. [The private site is not available, and I don’t have plans to make it such any time soon.]


Anyway, enjoy the new photos, and have a nice day! ^_^


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