I Now Know… (Part 3)

There are some things in life worth knowing, and some worth not.  This is what I now know, and I leave it to you in deciding its worth. ^_^  Because, y’know, I already have, and where’s the fun in telling you?

There are some things in life worth knowing, and some worth not. This is what I now know, and I leave it to you in deciding its worth. ^_^ Because, y’know, I already have, and where’s the fun in telling you?

…why girls in Japanese anime use those weird voices that they use.  It’s because ALL Japanese females do that in real life.  Which isn’t to say “all” (though I already did) do it all the time.  I’d say, when talking on the phone, or with friends, or by themselves, or to strangers, is probably the only times they use that voice.  It’s… weird.  Though I’ve more lately found that the less… “preppy” girls use normal voices, which was a big relief.  It’s just whenever they want to sound cute tey switch to that weird… high-pitched nonsense.

…that nothing in Japan is real until you pay for it.  Well, until you’re about to pay for it.  They put everything in a bag and hand it to you before they take your money, which is weird.  But I was talking about things being fake.  For instance, every restaurant has plastic versions of their food sitting out on display so you can see what it looks like and (if you’re a gaijin, or just plain don’t feel like leveling your human-interaction skills) point at it to tell them what you want.  This is true even with electronics.  The phones you see are shells designed to look like powered-down versions of the real thing, but they’re really just molded plastic.  They don’t even make some of the less visible buttons function like buttons (i.e. push-able).

…that some things in Japan are less confusing.  For instance, they use “kcal” on all their package labels, so you know what they’re really talking about!  None of this “capital-c ‘Calories'” crap like we have in America. >.<  Of course, if you want to know where the kcals COME from, you probably need to know how to read Japanese, which is a rather confusing language…  Hey, I only said some things!

…why babies cry whenever they want something. >.<  It’s because they don’t understand the first thing of what you’re trying to say.  Come live in a foreign country, say, Japan, for a while, where you don’t know the language, you don’t know the customs, and nothing looks familiar.  Now pretend you need something, or something’s weird with your body (i.e. ‘hunger’).  Let’s see you not cry, you big baby!

…why Japanese babies cry ever.  Japanese are very quiet, and never cry, and I think it’s genetic.  But their babies still cry.  That’s because they know (also genetically) that someday all-too soon they will be expected to eat tofu with chopsticks.  And that’s enough to bring the man of steel to his knees bawling, let me tell you.  T_T

…that when you go to Japanese book stores, you need to be extra careful of pink.  That’s where they hide their ‘grown-up’ books and magazines.  And they’re not pretty, despite what you may think.  Sure, in America you see pink and think, “Oh, cutesy and girly!”  Now while that still seems to be true here, it also means “naked-y” and “perverted-ey”.  So watch out!  It’s scary.  Maybe knowing this is another reason Japanese babies cry… >.>

…why Japanese is the second-hardest language to learn.  English is hard because we have a lot of rules, and lots of exceptions to every rule.  Japanese has a lot of rules, and they just don’t call them rules, because they’re supposedly “obvious”.  (IE:  “No, you wouldn’t do that, that just sounds wrong.”  Or, “There’s no rule for it, you just do it this way.”)  If that’s the case, then why aren’t the classes more like preschool, and take years and years to finish?  If you’re not going to actually EXPLAIN the rules (and state them as such) being VERY specific about each one – including when you can and cannot use it – then how can you expect anyone to quickly or easily learn the language?

In short, Japanese is so damn hard because of how it is taught.  Amusingly enough, this was a conclusion at which I had already arrived earlier this semestre from a different path.  Just goes to show you that the truth is still true no mater how you look at it.

…that I CAN learn 30 new words a day.  At least well enough and long enough to take a test on them.  Will I remember them in a week?  A month?  Only time may tell.  And even then I may not care enough to actually, uh, tell.

…that the Japanese love hooker boots.  This isn’t a bad thing, as I also love the hooker boots; however when your 40-50 year old teacher is wearing her hooker boots in class, it’s really just kind of awkward.


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