Time to Go Home… For a While

This frightens and disturbs me...

This frightens and disturbs me…

Well, the time has come at last for me to head home for a little bit.  First semester is over and they’ve granted us two months free of scholarly activities with which to forget everything we learned! Yay!  In light of the fact that it costs just as much to stay here as to fly home (actually more to stay here, since I’d need to buy food and transportation for activities more so than at home), I’m gonna fly home and do stuff… um… in English. ^_^

It’s been a crazy several months, though!  Almost 5 months, now, I’ve been in Japan.  As you’ve seen I’ve learned a lot of things about Japan and even myself.  Though I have tried to keep to more serious, personal matters more to myself, too. It’s just not FUN to read serious, personal things; and that’s what this trip has mostly been for me: Fun!  So I know I should do my reports one Hiroshima, but since this is foremost in my mind right now (and I leave for one last epic adventure in less than an hour), I’ll settle this with a few final thoughts on things in Japan.

Dating in Japan… is just as hard as dating in America.  If you’re looking for some floozy who wants to hook up with a gaijin, sure, simple as pie, but that’s not dating. ^_^  The real deal is still frustrating. ^_^

Japanese Orange DrinkEverything in Japan has a smiley face.  Well, not EVERYTHING, but a lot more things than you’d think.  Many of you may have already seen the smiling bottle cap in my image gallery, but this is what the side of one of those bottles looks like.  It has a smiley face.  It’s so happy that you’re twisting it’s hat off and pouring out its life-blood for your taste-bud amusement, that it cannot adequately express it in words.  So it just smiles.  That, or it knows you’re going to be addicted once you try it, so it’s a knowing, evil smile… OF DOOM!!!

Ronald (Donald) McDonald House SignRonald McDonald, in Japan, appears to be named “Donald McDonald”, as on this here sheet (which I got in my tray at said offending restaurant), it clearly says 「ドナルド・マクドナルド・ハウス」, which reads in English, “Donald McDonald House”.  But it’s not, it’s RONALD McDonald… right?  I mean, it is, isn’t it?  And I’m not going crazy?

REALbaby Sign in JapanIn Japan, you can buy REALBabies for only ¥2480, or about $25.  Now here I’d thought them to cost much more!  If only they would sell things like… “REALGirlfriend” or something…  But I suppose that’s bit more expensive, huh?  And no, the Princess Maker series of games does not qualify as a girlfriend!  That’s more like a daughter thing, so yeah.  No.  Icky-icky.  Silence!

Japanese Dr. Pepper CleavageIn Japan, chicks can shoot bottles of Dr. Pepper out of their cleavages… O.O

This is an illustration of a bottle of Dr. Pepper, in case you couldn’t figure it out.  I laughed, um… a lot when I saw this.  I’m still laughing, actually!  Haha!  Ha!  Ha!  Etc…

You can’t make this stuff up.

And I can’t beat that for an ending to the post.

So I won’t try. ^_^


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