Sitting in Cali

Here, I’ve only been in America for a few hours and already I miss Dancing Johan!  T_T

Here, I’ve only been in America for a few hours and already I miss Dancing Johan! T_T

Much as with going, it seems returning holds a lot of interesting thing for you that you may only be able to learn by experiencing them.  For instance, I sit here, people chatting away all around in my native language (er, English), and I find myself feeling a certain degree of sadness that I won’t be ABLE to speak Japanese to anyone for a while and be understood.  Somehow, despite the fact that I was (in my humble opinion) really bad at it, it seems that I had come to enjoy having Japanese to speak… and sometimes to hate to have to speak.  But now that, were I to speak it, nobody would have the slightest idea what I mean, I feel like I’ve lost a favorite toy, or like a family member has left and not told me where they went or something.

Something else, while passing through customs, was more or less the first time I’ve had someone I didn’t know speak to me in English in almost five months, and I was speechless for what I’m sure was not nearly as long as it felt.  He looked at me and said, “How was your trip?”  And I had to sit and think for a moment to come up with the response, “It was good.”  And that was weird.  ^_^  And he asked the purpose of my trip, to which I responded, “Exchange student… study… um… school.”  He smiled and laughed and said gingerly, “Welcome back!”  I’m not going to try to claim any degree of look-I’m-so-fluent-I-forgot-English, because that’s pretty far-fetched in any regard, perhaps barring isolation from anyone who MIGHT understand your language for a period of many years…  But it did feel strange conversing with employees in English.

PS:  This chair is gi-normous!  I mean, I’m sitting in it comfortably enjoying the space I have with it… but it’s freakin’ HUGE.  I wonder if the chair is big or if I’m just THAT used to small spaces now…?

Well, now I’m back off to find yet another something to do.  This has only really killed about 30 minutes of time writing this, and I unfortunately need something more like sour or six times that amount.  *sigh*  Well, I didn’t bring a fully charged PSP and DS for nothing, I suppose! ^_^


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