I Now Know… (Part 4)

This... is a Japanese toilet.  Complete with Totoro seat cozy and a panel of various, sometimes frightening things you can do to yourself with it.  *scared*

This… is a Japanese toilet. Complete with Totoro seat cozy and a panel of various, sometimes frightening things you can do to yourself with it. *scared*

Yay!  Time for more nifty tidbits of learning! ^_^

I now know…

…what happend to that super-computer in Superman 3, y’know, the one that turns people into the Borg?  The Japanese have taken it and are even now using it to model their toilets after. >.<

 [ed: I am so ashamed that I ever wrote/thought this next point. I now know that, in all cultures, most people dress to be well-dressed, and are not actually trying to attract their preferred sex. I apologize for this one. Please skip it.]

…that Japanese people don’t think like Americans.  Okay, so I already new this, but there’s a difference between knowing because you heard and knowing because you see it happen every day.  Take, for instance, short dresses and boat loads of makeup.  If you see a girl wearing LOTS of makeup and a very short dress in, say America, you figure they’re probably looking to impress boys, if not outright get in someone’s pants ASAP.  In Japan, it seems, that girls will wear that sort of thing, uh, for the sake of fashion; and that “fashion” exists not to make girls attractive, but to make them feel like part of the fashion-going trend in Japan.

It apparently has nothing to do with boys at all.  As such, it’s difficult to tell what a girl may be looking for in a boy; though that’s difficult for me anyway, as the ones looking with their cloths back home are not the kind that I generally wanted anyway.  So, I guess it’s kind of the same, only pretty different.  And somehow being in Japan makes that sentence make sense. >.>

…that Japanese teachers will say anything.  We were told a story in class (to illustrate the causative form of verbs — let’s see another language pull that one out!) where she really hated her little brother, they went camping, and he wanted to swim, so she let him; and in the first version, she snuck up on him and “made” him drown.  In the second version he was drowning and she sat on the bank, saw it, and “let” him drown.  The sick thing was that this actually made the whole thing make more sense! O.O

Now, guess what the difference was between “made” and “let”.  (Hint: only one character…)

…what it’s like to wash your clothes in a sink.  It’s what I get for for forgetting an extra pair of socks, and then again for having to stay at ANOTHER hotel a second night when I only brought one change of underwear.  It’s really not that bad, just very time consuming.  And drying your clothes is a bit of a pain as well.

…that those things we call “rules of the road” in America exist here, but the way in which they are executed would be more correctly referred to as “suggestions of the road”, and I mean that in a way that only someone who’s driven (or ridden in) a car outside the US is likely to truly understand.

…that I really do act drunk sometimes, though I remain completely sober.  I saw a girl at a Japanese drinking party, obviously rather intoxicated, as she picked up her glass and stared, marveling, at the ice; and I thought to myself, “Gee, that looks like something I would do, if not something I have already done… a lot!”  Scary?  you may think so.  I think it’s funny! ^_^

…how early one must awake in order to have the newspaper read to you in the mornings on TV.  Yes, they have programs where they give you the news by reading you portions from the day’s newspaper.  And the time is entirely too early in the morning.  I think it would be easier to just learn all the kanjis than to wake up that early every morning for your news.  Fortunately, I choose option ‘c.’  That is, I don’t pay attention to the news. ^_^

…that girls don’t flirt in Japan to let you know they’re interested.  They do, however, go to lots of drinking parties, get totally shit-faced, and then pretty blatantly hit on you.  So it kind of evens itself out. >.<


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